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Resources for Schools: listed by curriculum topic

Number - number slider

Linear Functions -real world contexts, graphic approach,Barbie Bungee

Linear Equations -do the same to both sides with the TI-89

Quadratic Functions -conceptual overview, realworld contexts

Cubic Functions -topless box problem

Trigonometric Functions -interactive graphs, shot-on-goal

Exponential and Log Functions -paper tearing, ozone layer, interactive graphs

Unusual Functions - real world context, ladder overhang, posts and area

Surd Delights - golden rectange, surd spirals

Rates of Change -concept from variety of examples

Trigonometry -transit of Venus, positions at sea

Volume and Surface Area - rainwater tanks-exploration

Resources for Schools: listed by technology used

Function grapher or CAS (TI89) -Graphic Algebra: functions in context and from a graphical approach, with optional introduction to CAS.

TI89 - worksheet to teach the 'do the same to both sides' method of equation solving with help from the TI 89 calculator

SimCalc - JavaMathWorlds simulations for horizontal and vertical motion (freely available software and student worksheets for Years 7 - 10)

Maths from Still and Video Images - includes GridPic software - free to schools

Dynamic Geometry -includes GSP files

Symbolic Math Guide - for TI89 calculators

TI-Interactive - for PC computers



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