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A demonstration file to show the basic ideas behind solving simultaneous equations by the method of elimination. Download file.

(a) Playing with various combinations of two equations, until one becomes easy to solve.

(b) Graphically demonstrating that the solutions stay the same under these operations.

Two files which assist students in learning the basic principles of "do the same to both sides" (DSBS) for solving equations in one variable. One file has the instructions; the second is a worksheet.

With TI-Interactive to help them avoid fatal calculation and algebraic errors, students can experiment with the basic DSBS moves, and get an overview of how to solve equations.

Download file. (When we have feedback on how the lesson can be improved, we will make the files attractive).


TI InterActive! is user-friendly, interactive computer software for teachers and students.
TI InterActive! enables high school and college teachers and students to easily investigate ideas in mathematics and science. Teachers can enhance students' learning through interactive lessons that encourage exploration, visualization, data analysis and writing. Students can use TI InterActive! to help them master math and science concepts, improve problem solving skills, create great looking homework, access and download teacher-prepared materials from the Internet, and more. Parents may wish to include TI InterActive! on their home computer for students at home. TI InterActive! includes the mathematics tools you use in your classroom. A summary of the features includes:


Word processor with integrated math system


TI graphing calculator functionality


Symbolic Computer Algebra System


Integrated Web browser


Data editor with spreadsheet


Graphing Technology Connectivity

TI InterActive! is an integrated learning environment in which you can create interactive math and science documents. Documents may include formatted text, graphics, movies, and live integrated mathematics. These documents may be used for instruction, investigation, exploration, and communication. TI InterActive! documents are ideal for math and science communication. You can utilize the software in combination with the TI-83, TI-83 Plus, CBL™ 2, CBR™ or as a stand-alone product. System requirements are a Windows® 95, 98 or NT compatible PC (486 or higher processor), CD-ROM drive and approximately 21MB of disk space.

Click here to go to the TI-Interactive manual (PDF) on the TI website.

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