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Exponential and Log Function Resources

Exponential growth: PaperTearing   Introductory example
Exponential decline: The Ozone Layer   Application
Exponential and Log Transformations   Interactive simulations


Exponential growth: PaperTearing


Exponential decline: The Ozone Layer

The exponential chapter of Graphic Algebra takes students through a variety of tasks begining with a simple double function in a paper tearing context and moving through to looking at population doubling times around the world.

A supplement to introduce the use of the symbolic features of the TI89 is provided here for Paper Tearing and Ozone Layer problems.

A pre-test and post-test are also available.

Exponential and Log Transformations

Four spreadsheets developed by Alan Benetto at Westbourne Grammar School that show transformations of the exponential and log functions.

TranformExponGraph0,5 (xls)

TranformExponGraph1,5 (xls)

TranformExponGraphs (xls)

TranformLogGraph0,5 (xls)




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