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Shot on Goal

Trig Transformations

Shot on Goal

In this task students explore where a player should shot for goal on a given run line to get the largest angle opening to the goal.

ShotonGoalClassTI-nspire (pdf) - student sheet developed by Ian Edwards at Luther College that introduces and sets the activities for students to complete the Shot on Goal task

ShotonGoalTeacherTI-nspire (pdf) - teacher sheet developed by Ian Edwards at Luther College showing answers to the student sheet above by use of TI-nspire

ShotonGoalGSPSketch (zipped gsp) - a Geometer's Sketchpad sketch that enables students to gain an understanding of the problem by manipulating a diagram, then collect and plot data from a diagram leading to an exploration of the function graph of the data, and finally determining the rule for the function

ShotonGoalCAS (zipped tii) or view solution as a PDF- a solution to the Shot on Goal problem by the use of CAS (TI-Interactive was used)

Trig Transformations

Two spreadsheets developed by Alan Benetto at Westbourne Grammar School that show transformations of the sine and cosine graphs.

TranformSineGraph (xls)

TransformCosineGraph (xls)





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