Here is a wealth of teaching ideas. From the table below, access classroom activities, photocopy masters, computer games, advice on choosing concrete models and tests. Note that each item has been listed only once, although items often correspond to more than one teaching goal. For example, the number lines and LAB are important in almost all sections.

The Decimal Games - A self-contained package of computer games.

Frequently asked questions about teaching decimals Evidence that even a little bit of targeted teaching will help.

Teaching models with activities:
Advice on Choosing a Model
Linear Arithmetic Blocks (LAB)
Multi-base Arithmetic Blocks (MAB)
Number Expanders
Number Slides

Diagnosing misconceptions:
Decimal Comparison Tests
Decimal Skip Counting
Stickers Game
Scale Reading
Making Numbers

Connecting decimals, whole numbers and fractions:
Number Trails
Number Lines
DecimAliens Game

Appreciating the density of decimals:
Number Between Game
DecimalLine Game

Learning to order decimals:
Long Line of Blocks
Hidden Numbers Game

Developing estimation skills:
Moving Closer
Flying Photographer Game

Promoting class discussion:
Marking Homework
Canteen Prices
Rounding/Significant Figures
Funny Numbers
Powers of Ten
Area Cards

Decimal operations:
Teaching Operations - Summary
Multiplying & Dividing by Powers of 10
Multiplication using Area Model
Aliens Calculator Games
Martian Numbers - Extension
Tests of Basic Skills