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Activating movies

Throughout 'Foundations for Teaching Arithmetic' explanatory movies are available for viewing. You will be able to recognise an image that contains a movie by the blue border that surrounds the image. To view these movies follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have the 'Quick Time' program already installed on your computer, install a copy from this CD Rom (see below).
  2. Once installed, by clicking on the images with a blue border you will activate a separate browser window, in which the movie will appear. If you are using a PC you may need to maximise the movie browser window (click on top right hand corner of window) to ensure that the entire movie screen is visible.
  3. If, through following these instructions you are unable to view a movie, it may also be accessed by clicking on the relevant link below the image.
  4. When you have finished viewing a movie make sure you close the movie browser window (click on the top left hand corner of the window).

Viewing a movie


If you are using a PC you may need to maximise the movie browser window (click on the top right hand corner of the window) to ensure that the entire movie screen is visible.

Very Important!

When you have finished viewing a movie, make sure you close the browser window in which it has appeared. To do so, click on the top left hand corner of the window. If you leave the browser window open then it is still taking up memory on your computer and you will eventually end up with many browser windows open. In this case your computer will run more slowly as it runs out of memory, and may eventually freeze.

Please remember to close all movie windows!

Essential Software

Essential software required to run this CD ROM includes:

  • QuickTime,
  • An internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox

NOTE: You only need to have one internet browser which will already be installed on your computer. This CD has been tested for browser compatibility on Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

NOTE ALSO: If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to ensure your computer is set to run active content from CDs. To do this, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and ensure the box next to "Allow active content from CDs to run on My computer" is ticked. You will need to restart Internet Explorer for this change to take effect.

If the QuickTime software is not already installed on your computer, it can be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download where you will be guided through the installation.



As Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, versions 5.5 SP2 and 6.0 do not support components of QuickTime movies, Internet Explorer 5.5+ users may need to download an ActiveX control from the Internet. Please visit http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download where you will be prompted to download and guided through the installation of this control if you do not already have it.

NOTE: If you are NOT prompted to download the control you will not need it and will be able to view the QuickTime movies as normal.

If you are still having problems viewing the movies, you can view the CD-ROM via Safari instead of Internet Explorer. Safari can be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/safari/download/

Adjusting text size

You may prefer the text of this CD ROM to appear either larger or smaller than its default setting. To adjust the text size follow the instructions for the particular Internet browser you are using.

Safari users:

  1. Click the page icon on the top right hand corner of the browser window. If you float your mouse over the icon the following text will be displayed, 'Display a menu for the current page'. Click again.
  2. Then move your mouse down and click on 'Zoom'. Adjust the setting accordingly.

Internet Explorer users:

  1. On the Internet Explorer Menu Bar, click the 'View' drop down menu, and choose 'Text Size' or 'Zoom'.
  2. Click on the setting of your choice.

Netscape users:

  1. On the Netscape Menu Bar, click the 'Edit' drop down menu, and choose 'Preferences'.
  2. In the 'Categories' menu under 'Appearance' click 'Fonts'.
  3. Change the 'Variable Font Width' to a suitable size (i.e. 12pt, 16pt etc.)
  4. 'Ensure that 'Use my fonts, overriding page-specified fonts' is checked.
  5. If there is no change in the text size as a result of these steps, check the box for 'Use page-specified fonts, including Dynamic fonts'. This should slightly enlarge the text.


If you have any problems viewing any of the pages or movies on this CD-ROM, please read all of the sections on this page and then read below.

If any of the movies have intermittent problems with sound quality, wait until the movie has finished playing and then press the play button to replay the movie. The sound should now be clear. This problem may be due to a temporary lack of memory available for use by the program.

If your computer reports an error message such as 'run time error' or 'illegal operations' this may be due to lack of memory on your computer. Be sure to close down all unnecessary programs while running this CD-ROM to minimise the potential for these errors. Also make sure that all additional browser windows which have been opened to play the movies have been closed!

If you are running Internet Explorer 5.5 or above on a PC, please see the section Essential Software.

If you encounter any other problems running the movies that have not been discussed in this section, check out the Apple website at http://www.apple.com, and go to Support, QuickTime.



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