Guidelines for Contributors

Feature Review and Article Guidelines

Maximum Length: 1200 words (except when otherwise negotiated)
Payment: $100 - $150.00 (plus GST where applicable)

Use capitals for the first letters of words in titles except for prepositions, articles and conjunctions. eg. ‘Children’s Literature in the Secondary School’.

Please provide for each title reviewed:
Author, Title, Publisher, Date, ISBN, Recommended retail price, Hardback (hb) or Paperback (pb).
Eg. Rubinstein, Gillian, Galax-Arena Hyland House, 1982, 9780947063931 $16.95pb.

Use single space after full stops.

Do not use full stops – no spaces after initials in names and one space before surname. eg. PA Jones.

Use Italics for titles of books, magazines, newspapers, plays, films etc.

Use single quotation marks (') for quotes. Use double quotation marks (") for a quote within a quote.

English spelling preferred to US spelling. eg:

  • our not -or as in colour
  • iour not -ior as in behaviour
  • ise not -ize as in organise
  • re not -er as in metre or centre
  • lled, -lling as in labelled and travelling

Other spellings to note include: coordinate, cooperate, no one, bestseller, postwar, reissue, percent


  • Shortened forms ending in the last letter of the word do not use a full stop. eg. Dr, Ms, eds
  • Words that do not end in the last letter of the word do take a full stop: co., Mon., vol.
  • Acronyms do not take full stops: WHO, USA, AUS.
  • Spell out TV as television.


  • Spell out one to ninety-nine in words, but use numbers for all others. To start a sentence with a number, use the written out form. eg. Twelve trees were chopped down.
  • Groups of numbers, measurements, time and currency should be expressed in numbers. eg. 10 km, 5 a.m., $25.
  • Centuries should be expressed in words. eg. twentieth century, eighteenth century literature.
  • Use words for approximate or rounded numbers. eg. two thousand, six million, about two hundred.

1990s not 90s or 90’s


  • Do not use Tabs or Indents.
  • Use hard returns at the end of each paragraph.
  • Please submit reviews using Times New Roman in 12 point with single line spacing.



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