What is Literacy Across the School Subjects (LASS)?

Literacy Across the School Subjects (LASS) is a unique, video-based DVD designedto develop teachers' understandings of the important role that language and literacy play in learning. It focuses on literacy in the Middle Years of schooling (ie Years 5 - 9), a time that is often identified as a difficult transitional one for students. Designed by language and literacy specialists, LASS is one of the few resources for teachers (in both professional development and teacher education contexts), that shows how spoken and written lanugage can be used in effective teaching across the school subjects.

LASS is the second multimedia resource in a suite of materials developed by staff in the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne. The first was a CD ROM entitled Building Understandings in Literacy and Teaching (BUILT), which has been used extensively in Australia, the UK, Indonesia, Denmark and the UAE


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