Transitions in Early Childhood
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Sidsel Germeten



Dr Sidsel Germeten is Associate Professor in early childhood and primary education in the Faculty of Teacher Education at Oslo University College, Norway where she ahs worked for the last seven years. Prior to this she was an consultant adviser in Early Childhood Education in The Norwegian Union of Teachers from 1986-94, Teacher and Head teacher in primary school of special Education from 1976-84, and pre-school teacher from 1973.She has written several articles of Early Childhood Education in English and Norwegian. Her doctoral thesis is on the subject freedom and control in the classroom of the 6. Year olds (1-graders in Norway).

Research Interests:

Early Childhood Education
Transition from Kindergarden to School
Evaluation studies, curriculum studies


Publications in English:

Germeten, S. (undated) Transition to Primary School in Norway: Some Political Issues, some Educational Challenges and some Unresolved Problems

Germeten, S (2002) Limits of Teaching? Freedom and control in the classroom of the 6-year-olds. (Grenser for undervisning? Frihet og kontroll i 6-åringenes klasserom). Stockholm; HLS Förlag.

Germeten, S (2000) "Early Childhood Education in Norway: Time as an indication for Pedagogical space" Paper presented at the EECERA Conference in London, September 2000.

Germeten, S (1999) "Early Childhood Education in Norway after Reform 97:Starting School, End of Play? Paper presented at the 21.ICCP, World Play Conference in Oslo, Norway, 15th-17th September 1999.

Germeten, S (1998) "Educational Reforms in Norway 1994-1998 ". Paper presented at ATEE in Kleipeda, Lithuania. May 1998.