Transitions in Early Childhood
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Renate Niesel



Renate Niesel, Diplom-Psychologin, is working as a member of scientific staff of the State Institute of Early Childhood Education and Research in Munich, Germany. She started working on transitions in the context of family of divorce and especially, children coping with parental divorce. She authored and co-authored publications and expert statements that went along with changes in jurisdiction and law regarding custody, access and welfare practice.Transferring experience from family transtions to early childhood education, she carried out empirical studies together with Wilfried Griebel on the transition from family to Kindergarten and from Kindergarten to school. In Germany, Kindergarten hitherto is not part of the school system. Besides, she is working as a lecturer for Kindergarten and school teachers and students of early childhood education. Her list of publications adresses professionals as well as parents.

Research Interests:

transition from preschol to school


Recent Publications:

Griebel, W & Niesel, R. (2002).Communication & Continuity in the transition from kindergarten to school. In Fabian, H. & Dunlop, A.-W. (Ed.). Transitions in the Early Years. Debating continuity and progression for children in early education. London: RoutledgeFalmer.

Niesel, R. & Griebel, W. (2001). Transtion to school child: What children tell us about school and what they teach us. Paper presented at the 11th European Conference on Quality on Early Childhood Education. Alkmaar, The Netherlands, 29 August - 1 September.

Niesel, R. & Griebel, W. (2000). Start in den Kindergarten: Grundlagen und Hilfen zum żbergang von der Familie in die Kindertagesst»tte. München: Don Bosco

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Griebel, W. & Niesel, R. (1999): From Kindergarten to school: A transition for the family. Paper presented at the 9th European Conference on Quality in Early Childhood Education "Quality in Early Childhood Education - How Does Early Education Lead to Life-Long Learning?" in Helsinki, Finland, 1 - 4 September.

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