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Main Contents

Reflections on the Process

Roger Holdsworth

1: Inclusion and Exclusion: An Introduction

Sarah Rose

2: Gender Issues in the Australian Education System

Jess Quinn and Sarah Rose

3: Looking at Who is Included in and Excluded from Successful Outcomes

Lisa Kornhauser

4: Sexualities in Schools

i. Recognising and Including Diverse Sexualities in Education Policy

ii. Unkind Words: Some Remarks on Anti-bullying Policy, Duty of Care and When a Student Teacher Becomes the Victim of Student Homophobia

iii. A Look at Sexuality Education Programs in Victoria

iv. Heterocentrist Curriculum: Schools as Sites of Silencing of Diverse Sexual Identities

Nicolas Gregoriades, Meegan Hughes, Vincenzo Piscioneri, Olivia Rajit and Ellen Rees

5: Issues in Multicultural Education

i. Introduction

ii. Faith in the Multicultural Classroom

iii. Refugees and Asylum Seekers and the Education System

iv. Where Do We Go From Here?

Fiona Davies, Angela Melendro-Galvis, Lisa Pingitore and Maryse Premier

6: Every Teacher’s Responsibility:  Inclusion of Indigenous Perspectives in Education

Gabrielle Quin

7: Good for One and All:  Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs

Morgana McGrath and Gillian Quinn

8: Including Gifted Children in Equal Educational Opportunities

Carly Gough

9: Middle School Years

Susan Anderson and Sue Bell

10: Discipline Policies for Inclusion or Exclusion

Megan Pilkington

11:  Towards Inclusive Classrooms

Damien Bushby

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