The Twelfth ICMI Study

Presentations from the conference

The following presentations and movies were provided by their presenters for the information of other participants. Please note that authorship and ownership resides with the original authors.

In Netscape, Powerpoint presentations will download onto your machine automatically and you can open them from there. Adobe Acrobat Reader files (.pdf) will open directly when you click on them if you have Acrobat Reader installed. If you want to download a .pdf file to store it for future use, drag the reference/link to it onto your hard drive.

The presentations are grouped by category.

Plenary Presentations

Algebra Around the World (Tuesday Plenary Panel)

Why and What Algebra (Thursday Plenary Panel)

Working Group Reports

Approaches to Algebra

Computer Algebra Systems

Early Algebra



Teachers' Knowledge for Teaching Algebra

Technological Environments


Why Algebra?/What Algebra?

Closing Session

Individual Presentations

Session 2D (Kaput, Blanton and Olive)

Other Files

Helen's Algebra Jokes

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