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Teaching and Learning about Decimals is currently available as CD-ROM Version 3.1. (as part of the compilation "Teaching Number in the Middle Years" and as an online sample accessed below.

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Brief Description of the Teaching and Learning about Decimals CD-ROM

The Teaching and Learning about Decimals CD-ROM presents an extraordinarily rich resource for all aspects of teaching about the meaning of decimal numbers. Learning to work confidently with decimals is an important part of numeracy, needed in all walks of life, but difficult to master. This resource explains the mathematical, psychological and pedagogical ideas for effective teaching of this topic. It draws upon extensive research carried out at The University of Melbourne.

The CD-ROM contains:
circle Six case studies of students
circle Lessons and photocopy masters
circle Interactive games and test
circle Mathematics of the decimal place value number system
circle Diagnostic tests and research data
circle Advice on concrete materials


How does the online sample differ from the complete CD-ROM?


CD-ROM V 3.1

Online sample

- Lesson ideas
- Photoready handouts
- Description of models
- Diagnosing misconceptions
- Interactive games and test



Case Studies
- Interview movies
- Test papers
- Analysis of learning needs
- Incidence in schools



- Mathematical information
- Children's thinking



- Misconceptions described
- Decimal Comparison tests
- Skills Tests
- Research data



- Glossary
- Reference list
- Full text articles



Computer Games (Version 3.1)




How to order the CD-ROM and the Learning aboutDecimals activity book

Ordering Information

The CDROM is now part of the compilation CDROM "Teaching Number in the Middle Years" along with two other resources. This can be purchased for AUD$44 from the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers ( or directly from The University of Melbourne (Ms Pam Firth: or Kaye Stacey). For bulk purchase discounts, contact Pam Firth or Professor Kaye Stacey:

The books are purchased from the University of Melbourne (Pam or Kaye).

The authors can be contacted at:
Professor Kaye Stacey
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
234 Queemsberry St
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010


Learning About Decimals: An activity book

Archer, S., Condon, C., Steinle, V., & Stacey, K. (2010) Learning about decimals: An activity book. Melbourne Graduate School of education, University of Melbourne.
This book contains under one cover two publications previously published separately.

Lesson Ideas and Activities for Teaching Decimals

This 69 page booklet contains lesson plans, ideas for short activities, guides to using concrete materials, photocopy masters and worksheets for addressing common difficulties in understanding decimal notation. (Suitable for Years 2 to 10) See ordering information.

Linear Arithmetic Blocks: A concrete model for teaching decimals

This 43 page booklet contains lesson plans for using a very effective but not well known model for decimal numeration and operations, which can be made from plastic pipe. There is an introductory section and ten fully prepared activities. (Suitable for Years 5 to 8)

Initially we made the linear arithmetic blocks ourselves. However, we were recently able to obtain them commercially from Every Educaid, New Zealand who call them the DeciPipes Kit.

The book is purchased from the University of Melbourne (Pam or Kaye - See ordering information)


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