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2006 Annual Conference of Mathematical Association of Victoria

Lemon Squash, Lime Fizz and Linear Functions

Maxine Andrews Mount Clear College

A35, H34        Workshop             Year 9

This hands on workshop will explore the use of graphical calculators and real world contexts to prompt rich conceptual understanding of linear functions. Examples will be investigated by the participants and dicusssion will be lead by a teacher who has trialled this approach with classes. Issues of inspiring students, enhancing learning and practical calculator management will be raised.

Developing an Understanding of Rates of Change with Interactive Diagrams

Alan Bennetto Westbourne Grammar School
David Storck
Westbourne Grammar School

A37           Computer Workshop        Year 10 - 11

Participants will explore a series of interactive Geometer Sketchpad diagrams that were used by Year 10 students with an accompanying worksheet to develop student's understanding of rates of change, including instantaneous rates of change. The effectiveness of this approach will be discussed.

Functions. MR GLTS and Other Acronyms

David Tynan MacMillan Education Australia
Beth Price Canterbury Girls Secondary College

B36            Workshop        Years 7 - 10

This workshop focuses on function in VELS Level 6 Mathematics and considers the role and impact of CAS here. Participants will trial some tasks which approach the function concept from a variety of directions.

Making Connections with TI-Connect

Ian Edwards Luther College
Antje Leigh-Lancaster Texas Instruments

C30, H31       Computer Workshop            Years 7 - 12

TI-connect software is free and links your TI-83plus/84plus calculator, your computer and the internet. This session will show participants how to:

enhance screen dumps for word documents and PowerPoint presentations

load new operation systems and applications on to a calculator and back up

calculator datadownload lists from the internet into a calculator, or into an excel spreadsheet .

Spiders, Webs and Flies - Not all Problems are Created Equal

Ian Edwards Luther College

D30     Workshop          Years 7- 9

Extended contextual problems from the areas of Forensics, Biology, Science and the Toy box have the potential to engage and challenge students. Technology enriches the scope of these activities as it allows appropriate scaffolding of the blockage points. In the workshop, we shall work some extended cross curricular problems, to deomonstrate the richness of the task and how easy it is to comply with the different learning simensions of VELS.

Using Dynamic Diagrams to Motivate and Assist Problem Solving by Algebra

Kaye Stacey The University of Melbourne
Gary Asp
The University of Melbourne

E38     Lecture          Years 9- 11

Interactive geometrical diagrams that not only depict problems but also allow components to be measured and dynamically changed can improve engagement and promote an understanding of variable quantities and algebra usage in problem solving. Some real-workd problems suitable for Years 9 to 11 will be demonstrated and discussed.

Starting Teaching Mathematical Methods Using CAS on TI-Nspire

Ian Edwards Luther College

E40     Lecture         Years 7- 9

The session will outline the journey in incorporating CAS into our teaching of Mathematical Methods using the new TI calculator TI-Nspire. TI-Nspire platform has a wonderful potential to deliver integrated learning experiences for students. TI-Nspire has the ability to view different representations of a mathematical concept by integrating and dynamically linking geometry, algebra and calculus.

Is the Cart Before the Horse - Teaching Algebra Using Technology

Ian Edwards Luther College
John Buruma
Luther College

F38           Workshop        Year 9 - 11

Technology opens up new ways to explore algebraic and functional concepts by use of dynamic investigations. Yet, if the focus of the teaching becomes the technology, then a pedagogic mistake develops as the CART takes over the role of the horse. Any appropriate technology in teaching must add new richness to sound pedagogy. During this session, diverse technologies (Autograph, Cabri 3D and Cabri 2Plus, Logger Pro, TI-Interactive, GridPic and TI-Nspire) shall be used to illustrate how a technology enriched pedagogy may function in assisting the development of algebraic insight.

Sharing the Task - Using CAS

Robyn Pierce University Of Ballarat

H36    Workshop         Years 9- 12

Computer Algebra Systems may be used to both do and learn mathematics. In this session, we will look at some problems and consider when and where not to use CAS, multiple solution strategies, and extensions or variations on basic problems. The focus will be on mathematical possibilities CAS affords.

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