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Sessions and articles by team members at
2004 Annual Conference of Mathematical Association of Victoria

(Members of the RITEMATHS team marked in bold)

A38: GRIDPIC: The Mathematics Of Linear Functions Using Digital Photography

Presenters: Ian Edwards, Rita Visser and Judith McEwan

A42: Trainer Wheels for Algebra Using the TI-89

Presenter: Lynda Ball

B16 Navigator System A Wireless Communication Device

Presenters: Ian Edwards, Rita Visser and Christine Oudin

CK2: The Affordances of Graphing Calculators for Student Understanding Of Functions

Presenter: Jill Brown

C28 & D29: Modeling Mathematics Using Technology

Presenters: Greg Walton and Ian Cashin

C43 & G41: Taking IT to the Limit

Presenter: Peter Fox

D39: SimCalc MathWorlds Workshop

Presenter: Sandra Herbert

D42: Mediating the Cognitive Demand of Lessons in Real-World Settings

Presenters: Ian Edwards, Gloria Stillman and Jill Brown

D43: Mathematics from Still and Moving Images

Presenter: Lynda Ball, Kaye Stacey and Robyn Pierce

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