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A Framework for Idenifying Student Blockages during Transitions in the Modelling Process

In this article we present, illlustrate, test and refine a framework developed by Gaibraith, Stillman, Brown and Edwards (2006) for identifying student blockages whilst undertaking modelling tasks during transitions in the modelling process. The framework was developed with 14-15 year old students who were engaging in their first experiences of modelling at the secondary level.


Galbraith, P., Stillman, G., Brown, J., & Edwards, I. (2006). Facilitating the development of modelling competencies through the secondary school years. In C. Haines, P. Galbraith, W. Blum & S. Khan (Eds.), Mathematical modelling (ICTMA12); Education, engineering and economics. Chichester, UK:Horwood Press (to appear).

Galbraith, P & Stillman, G. (2006). A Framework for Identifying Student Blockages during Transitions in the Modelling Process. Zentralbrlatt fur der Mathematick (ZDM) Electronic-Only Publication, 38(2),143-162.


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