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A Scale for Monitoring Students' Attitudes to Learning Mathematics with Technology

The Mathematics and Technology Attitudes Scale (MTAS) is a simple scale for middle secondary years students that monitors five affective variables relevant to learning mathematics with technology. The subscales measure mathematics confidence, confidence with technology, attitude to learning mathematics with technology and two aspects of engagement in learning mathematics. The paper presents a model of how technology use can enhance mathematics achievement, a review of other instruments and a psychometric analysis of the MTAS. It also reports the responses of 350 students from 6 schools to demonstrate the power of the MTAS to provide useful insights for teachers and researchers. ‘Attitude to learning mathematics with technology’ had a wider range of scores than other variables studied. For boys, this attitude is correlated only with confidence in using technology, but for girls the only relationship found was a negative correlation with mathematics confidence. These differences need to be taken into account when planning instruction.

Pierce,R., Stacey, K. and Barkatsas. A. (2005-available online March 2005) A scale for monitoring students' attitudes to learning mathematics with technology. Computers & Education.


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