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Affordances of a Technology-Rich Teaching and Learning Environment

A case study of how affordances are perceived and enacted by a teacher in a technology-rich teaching and learning environment (TRTLE) to maximise learning of functions by senior secondary students is reported. Three conditions were set up by the teacher to optimise students' current and future perceptions of affordances of TRTLE's. These were an exploratory approach, promotion of multiple solution strategies, and the engagement in mathematical discourse during the learning process.

Brown, J. (2005). Affordances of a Technology-Rich Teaching and Learning Enviornment. In P. Clarkson, A. Downton, D. Gronn, A. Mcddonough, R. Pierce & A. Roche (Eds.), Building connections: Theory, Research, and Practice. Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Reseach Group of Australasia, Melbourne, 177-184. Sydney: MERGA.

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