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Mathematics from still and moving images

Digital photos and digital movies offer an excellent way of bringing real world situations into the mathematics classroom. The technologies surveyed here are feasible for everyday classroom use and inexpensive. Examples are drawn from the teaching of Cartesian coordinates, linear functions, ratio and Pythagoras' theorem using still images, and quadratic functions using moving images. Resources and tips for creating suitable images for analysis are given.

Pierce, R., Stacey, K., Ball, L. (2004) Mathematics from still and moving images. In B. Tadich, P. Sullivan, S. Tobias, C. Breen (Eds.) Towards Excellence in Mathematics. Proceedings of the Forty-first Annual Conference of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, 386-395. ISBN 1-920892-55-9. Brunswick, VIC.

Pierce, R. Stacey, K. Ball, L. (2005) Mathematics from still and moving images. Australian Mathematics Teacher, 61(3), 26-31.

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