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Enabling Teachers to Perceive the Affordances of a Technologically Rich Learning Environment for Linear Equations in order to Design Units of Work Incorporating Best Practice.

A technology rich teaching and learning environment affords new ways of engaging students in learning mathematics. Teachers and students equally have to learn to become attuned to the affordances of technologically rich learning environments. This paper reports preliminary findings from an Australian Research Council funded linkage project. This three year project aims to enhance mathematics achievement and engagement by using technology to support real problem solving and lessons of high cognitive demand. A design research methodology is being used to develop lesson sequences incorporating best practice. Findings from the first cycle of design research for the development and implementation of units for teaching linear functions in Year 9 will be reported. These are from classes in two schools where quite different approaches were taken to the teaching. A selection of electronic technologies was available to the teachers including graphing calculators and laptops with the image digitiser, GridPic.Student responses are presented to a hidden function task. These responses are discussed together with the results of document analysis of teacher work programs and student workbooks, and analyses of student and teacher interviews, lesson observational data, video tapes of student task solving, and verbal reports by teachers of their practice. The purpose of the research is to establish what it is that enables teachers to perceive, attend to, and exploit affordances of the technology salient to their teaching practice and likewise for students in their learning about function.

Brown, J. (2004). Enabling teachers to perceive the affordances of a technologically rich learning environment for linear equations in order to design units of work incorporating best practice. Proceedings of the 9th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics. Singapore: ACTM

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