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Science and Maths Education (SME)

International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR)

Youth Research Centre (YRC)

  • Who's in? Who's out? gives an overview of policy, theory and contested issues in each area, with a guide to strategies and action provided in selected chapters.

Equity and Childhood Program, Youth Research Centre (formerly the CEIEC)

  • DARE The DARE research team was formed in late 1999 to provide a focal point for research and scholarly debate about equity issues in early childhood services.
  • RANGE is an informal network of early childhood professionals who are committed to gender equity in early childhood.
  • Diversity Dolls

Early Learning Development and Inclusion (ELDI)

  • Transitions in Early Childhood provides a directory of research about the different transitions children face in their early years, including transitions:

Language, Literacy and Arts Education (LLAE)

  • BUILT Based on the metaphor of 'Scaffolding', this CD ROM package provides a set of rich resources for primary and post-primary teachers to use.
  • ViewPoint Established since 1993, Viewpoint: On Books for Young Adults brings together writers and readers who share a passion for this exciting and provocative literature.

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